Bookkeeping, Accounting, Tax Preparation, Tax Filing, Small Business Structure & IT

End-to-end accounting and tax solutions for the private client, the entrepreneur and the professional firm.

inVIVO tax is the tax and accounting arm of the inVIVO financial family of consumer finance services. The inVIVO tax team assists consumers, professionals and businesses with their bookkeeping/accounting, tax, business structure and IT needs.

The inVIVO financial family of companies strives to strengthen communities by vigorously supporting those who serve others. inVIVO financial offers special discounts to active and retired public servants, first responders, educators, active duty service members, veterans as well as those at pivotal points in their personal financial journeys such as students, recent grads and senior citizens.

We are dedicated to helping others strengthen and stabilize their means of living by first taking the time to understand their wants and needs, and then working intimately with them to locate the best opportunities with the greatest savings. Contact us today and start the discussion.

inVIVO bookkeeping and accounting services focus on maintaining comprehensive and accurate financial information, and ultimately interpreting, reporting and presenting that information to all stakeholders involved.
The inVIVO tax team can assist in preparing tax returns for individuals, professionals, companies, or organizations under the guidance of a certified public accountant. We can also assist other accountants with preparation of returns for complex businesses, trusts, and nonprofit organizations.
inVIVO tax has a team dedicated to assisting clients with determining the right business structure for their goals and the incorporation of that business structure. Please note it is always advised by inVIVO tax and inVIVO financial that clients (private or commercial) consult with their lawyers to ensure any business structure formed is done so in alignment with the best interest of the client.

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