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2023 Tax Filing Changes


Tax Changes, Tax Brackets and Tax Rates for 2023 Tax year Key Points Stay current on annual tax law changes for effective tax planning. Inflation Reduction Act tax breaks for green energy and home improvements. Review updated tax brackets and corresponding tax rates. We know what you're thinking; you've only recently filed your 2022 form 1040 (or 1040-SR tax return if you're a senior) and already, it's time to start looking down the road and situating yourself for your 2023 returns. Healthy tax planning means understanding the differences between your last tax year filing and your upcoming [...]

2023 Tax Filing Changes2023-05-16T23:24:43-07:00

CFPB Issues Policy Statement on Abusive Conduct by Lenders


CFPB Issues Policy Statement on Abusive Conduct by Lenders Key Points Keeping mortgage lending practices in check to ward off abusive conduct. Reminding lenders of the CFPB's 13-year-old rule against "abusive" conduct by lenders against consumers. Earlier this week (April 3, 2023), the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) issued a policy statement serving as a reminder to lenders of the Bureau's 13-year-old rule against "abusive" conduct. The statement not only explained the legal prohibition relating to abusive conduct in consumer financial markets, it also summarized over a decade of precedent. The purpose of the CFPB is to [...]

CFPB Issues Policy Statement on Abusive Conduct by Lenders2023-05-07T18:35:21-07:00

Credit Repair Agent


inVIVO credit Credit Repair Agents (CRAs) are the backbone of our organization. They are energetic, confident and passionate about helping our valued clients improve their creditworthiness. This role is truly the face of our company and the custodian of our brand. You will become an expert in the art and science of credit repair as you help clients build a basis for a better financial future. In this role you will handle both inbound and outbound calls, and support customers by addressing their credit repair results, questions, and their account status. A successful candidate will be responsible for the following: Being [...]

Credit Repair Agent2023-05-07T18:35:21-07:00

Customer Relationship Specialist


inVIVO credit Customer Relationship Specialists (CRSs) are critical members of our company's long-term growth with their primary responsibility being a champion of the inVIVO for lifesm lifetime membership program. They are energetic, confident and passionate about helping our valued clients maximize the benefits of their membership. This role will entail on-the-fly critical thinking to address any issues or problems that may come up for our clients. Additionally, the CRS will introduce and offer new products and services to our clients. A successful candidate will be responsible for the following: Exercising a high degree of genuine patience and resilience in your response [...]

Customer Relationship Specialist2023-05-07T18:35:21-07:00

Business Development Representative


inVIVO credit Business Development Representatives (BDRs) are the growth engine of our company. They are energetic, confident and passionate about building professional business relationships. The BDR role is also the face of our company to the business community. We are seeking high energy individuals capable of building lasting and productive relationships with business affiliates. This is a tremendous opportunity for individuals with experience in the automotive, mortgage or real estate industries. We provide one of the best compensation plans in the consumer finance industry allowing motivated individuals to build their own business base and passive income stream. A successful candidate will [...]

Business Development Representative2023-05-07T18:35:22-07:00
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